Sonic Puke
It's all fun and games until somebody pokes out an eye


How some on the left "support our troops"...

Think about the Seattle area -- Bainbridge Island to be exact -- and you think scenic views and liberal-minded tolerance.

At least the killer views are still there.

The bucolic island's deep reputation for civility got a gut check this week during the annual Grand Old Fourth of July celebration.

That's when Jason Gilson, a 23-year-old military veteran who served in Iraq, marched in the local event. He wore his medals with pride and carried a sign that said "Veterans for Bush."

Walking the parade route with his mom, younger siblings and politically conservative friends, Jason heard words from the crowd that felt like a thousand daggers to the heart.

"Baby killer!"



To understand why the reaction of strangers hurt so much, you must read what the young man had written in a letter from Iraq before he was disabled in an ambush:
Read the whole thing...

Moore gets no love from Daschle...

Daschle deny's Moore's claim that they hugged at a premier of his "movie" (I use this term loosely...

There was no hug between "Fahrenheit 9/11" director Michael Moore and Senate Minority Leader Tom Daschle at the film's June 23 premiere in Washington, D.C., Daschle said Thursday.

When asked about Moore's account of a hug after the premiere and the criticism Daschle has received for it, the South Dakota Democrat said he and Moore did not embrace. Daschle said his schedule forced him to arrive late and leave early.

"I know we senators all tend to look alike. But I arrived late, and I had to leave early for Senate votes. I didn't meet Mr. Moore," Daschle said.
Michael Moore LIES? Who knew... (Snicker)


Senate Iraq Report:No evidence of any pressure on Iraq Intelligence...

The unanimous report by the panel will say there is no evidence that intelligence officials were subjected to pressure to reach particular conclusions about Iraq. That issue had been an early focus of Democrats, but none of the more than 200 intelligence officials interviewed by the panel made such a claim, and the Democrats have recently focused criticism on the question of whether the intelligence was misused.


The party of Better Hair...


"We've got better vision, better ideas, real plans. We've got a better sense of what's happening to America - and we've got better hair," Kerry said, laughing.

Oil for food scandal will take 6-8 months for answers...

A Road Map for Our Inquiry
How we'll get to the bottom of the U.N. Oil for Food scandal.

Wednesday, July 7, 2004 12:01 a.m. EDT

The multibillion-dollar Oil-for-Food Program of the United Nations, in operation from 1996 to 2003, was designed to provide humanitarian assistance to an Iraqi population suffering grievously under the regime of Saddam Hussein. The central idea was to permit exports of Iraqi oil only so long as the financial proceeds were used for the purchase of food, medical supplies and, after a time, other essential imports for the Iraqi people.

Grave charges have been made that, whatever the humanitarian purposes, billions of dollars were lost in the process, $4 billion to $5 billion by a preliminary estimate of the U.S. General Accounting Office. Critics have cited evidence of failures of effective oversight by the U.N. and its agencies. Examples have been published of underpayments for oil sales, overcharging for poor quality food and medicine, and imports of nonessential goods. A systematic pattern of kickbacks and bribery is alleged to the benefit of Saddam, his friends and others, extending even to charges of corruption by at least one senior U.N. official.

...As a matter of priority, we seek to answer conclusively the allegations of corruption within the U.N. professional staff. We aim to provide, hopefully in six to eight months, the truly definitive report on the administration of the Oil-for-Food Program...

Quartet Mediators to Palestinians: Reform or Lose Aid...

The Palestinians need to stop/give up terrorism or find themselves on the wrong end of the war on terror...

(Reuters) The quartet of Middle East mediators are "sick and tired" of Palestinians failing to carry out reforms and told them on Wednesday to act soon or risk losing international support and aid, diplomats said...

In another sign of growing pressure for change on besieged leader Yasser Arafat, results from grassroots elections for his Fatah movement in the Gaza Strip showed reformers sweeping the field, Fatah officials said.

Sapped by years of corruption and disorder as well as Israeli raids, Arafat's Palestinian Authority (news - web sites) needs foreign help to fill a power vacuum when Israel quits the Gaza Strip next year or if it hopes to revive peace talks with the Jewish state.

But envoys from the United States, United Nations and European Union and Russia told Palestinian Prime Minister Ahmed Qurie that the world had run out of patience with Arafat's "empty promises" of reform.

"If security reforms are not done, there will be no (more) international support and no funding from the international community," a senior diplomat close to the talks in the West Bank city of Ramallah told Reuters.

In a statement, the quartet said action was crucial to salvage a moribund "road map" peace plan for a Palestinian state on land captured by Israel in a 1967 war and to "seize the opportunity represented by Israel's Gaza withdrawal."

Egypt gave him until the end of August to make changes. But despite Arafat's promises, there is scant sign of action.
"Arafat has done nothing or very little ... There is total disillusion with the Palestinian Authority," the diplomat said.

A senior Fatah official backing reform said results showed a majority for followers of Gaza's reform-minded ex-security chief Mohammad Dahlan, who has often clashed with Arafat.
Huh is it april fools day? Reuters? Are you sick? Feeling OK? You sure?

UK Inquiry will back intelligence that Iraq sought uranium

Will this be reported by the Liberal Media?

Of course not, it is an article of faith on the left that the President lied about Niger/Uranium... This despite the fact that it was actually AFRICA/Uranium and not Niger as the media lied, and also despite the additional information...

The media seems quite ready to disregard any "news" that won't help elect Kerry...

Don't expect to see this on your local news anytime soon...

A UK government inquiry into the intelligence used to justify the war in Iraq is expected to conclude that Britain's spies were correct to say that Saddam Hussein's regime sought to buy uranium from Niger.

The inquiry by Lord Butler, which was delivered to the printers on Wednesday and is expected to be released on July 14, has examined the intelligence that underpinned the UK government's claims about the threat from Iraq....

...But among Lord Butler's other areas of investigation was the issue of whether Iraq sought to buy uranium from Niger. People with knowledge of the report said Lord Butler has concluded that this claim was reasonable and consistent with the intelligence...

...The Financial Times revealed last week that a key part of the UK's intelligence on the uranium came from a European intelligence service that undertook a three-year surveillance of an alleged clandestine uranium-smuggling operation of which Iraq was a part.

Intelligence officials have now confirmed that the results of this operation formed an important part of the conclusions of British intelligence. The same information was passed to the US but US officials did not incorporate it in their assessment...


UN Confirms: WMDs Smuggled Out of Iraq

In a report which might alternately be termed “stunning” or “terrifying”, United Nations weapons inspectors confirmed last week not merely that Saddam Hussein had weapons of mass destruction, but that he smuggled them out of his country, before, during and after the war. Late last week, the UN Monitoring, Verification and Inspection Commission (UNMOVIC) briefed the Security Council on Saddam’s lightning-fast dismantling of missile and WMD sites before and during the war. UNMOVIC executive chairman Demetrius Perricos detailed not only the export of thousands of tons of missile components, nuclear reactor vessels and fermenters for chemical and biological warheads, but also the discovery of many (but not most) of these items - with UN inspection tags still on them -- as far afield as Jordan, Turkey and even Holland.

More (UN.ORG... Official enough for ya?)