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Kill em all?

An interesting question from the wife of HindRocket at Powerline Blog...

Mrs. Rocket wonders: When terrorists kidnap someone like Paul Johnson and "demand" the release of specified al Qaeda prisoners, why doesn't the government just kill the prisoners? It's a thought. Or maybe all terrorists should be promptly executed, and never held as prisoners at all.

As Instapundit might say... Indeed...


"No One Ever Works Alone"

Put the good things here. There is so much, so very much!
O trees flowers birds the face of my darling! hurry hurry the great tongues of truth! O speak out!
Against the dead trash of their "reality."
Against "the world as we see it."
Against "what is reasonable to believe."
Out with the rascals
And all their bloody works!

There is a beautiful sun today.
Have you change for one hundred and ninety odd dullards, sir?

Look you have a life -- use it! No one ever works alone! Hate and fear O blast them to hell for love everyway and every old how you can! There is so much, so very very much!

Kenneth Patchen


Kerry to boost middle class by taxing the "rich"...

Scrappleface is HILLARIOUS!!!

(2004-06-15) -- Democrat presidential hopeful John Forbes Kerry, who is also a U.S. Senator, today laid out his blueprint for increasing the size of the middle class by boosting taxes on the wealthy.

In a speech to union members in New Jersey, Mr. Kerry answered critics who claim he has offered no coherent vision for America, and he slammed President Bush for "squeezing the middle class."

"I believe in building up our great middle class--expanding it," said Mr. Kerry. "Now, to increase the size of the middle class you can do one of two things--either help poor people escape from poverty and dependency on government programs, or take some money away from rich people so that they become middle class. Now, which one of those sounds easier to you? It's a no brainer."

Mr. Kerry said that the Bush administration "doesn't want you to be middle class. They want you to be like their rich cronies from Halliburton. But they don't tell you the dirty little secret...if you become wealthy, most of your money will go to pay taxes. Where's the compassion in their conservatism?"

Zarqawi in Fallujah?

FoxNews is reporting that Zarqawi is in Fallujah and that this is where he is basing his attacks from...

WASHINGTON One of the world's most sought after and dangerous terrorists thought to be coordinating attacks in Iraq is likely basing his operations in Fallujah , senior defense officials have told Fox News.

They said the details on Abu Musab al-Zarqawi's likely whereabouts came from the interrogation of Umar Baziyani , an associate of al-Zarqawi that was apprehended by Iraqi police forces on June 4.
Baziyani told interrogators that al-Zarqawi "has been and is still operating out of Fallujah."

More interrogation revealed Zarqawi's plans to ramp up violence and attacks on coalition forces leading up to the June 30 handover of power to Iraqis.

Is it just me or does turning Fallujah over to the Iraqi's seem a major mistake right about now? Will we next turn Afghanistan over to the Taliban?

Michelle Malkin uncovers how easily the person accused of planning to blow up an Ohio Mall got into America using phony "refugee" status...

Do you know how the alleged "shopping-mall" bomber entered our country? He didn't cross the border illegally. He didn't sneak in on a ship. He came through the front door at America's invitation.

Nuradin M. Abdi, who was indicted last week for plotting with al Qaeda to blow up an Ohio shopping mall, flew here from Somalia and received bogus "refugee" status in 1999, according to authorities.

Prosecutors allege that Abdi then fraudulently obtained a refugee travel document, which he used to fly to Ethiopia for jihad training. After returning, Abdi blended back into the American landscape along with tens of thousands of other refugees from a country known to be a breeding ground for Islamic terrorists.

Columbus, Abdi's home base, is home to more than 30,000 Somalis -- the second-largest Somali community in the United States, after Minneapolis.

Not every Somalian refugee or asylum-seeker is a terrorist, of course. But the system for screening out the well-meaning from the menaces is completely overwhelmed. Claims of "credible fear of persecution" are almost impossible to document but are rarely rejected. Federal homeland security officials are unable to detain asylum-seekers for background checks without the civil liberties brigade screaming "racial profiling." And there is still a woeful shortage of detention space -- just 2,000 beds nationwide -- to hold those with suspect claims.

As a result, thousands of refugees and asylum-seekers who have made flimsy claims of persecution are let loose. As the Department of Justice's inspector general reported, 97 percent of all asylum-seekers from any country who were released from immigration custody were never found again and deported.

Abdi's case cannot be viewed in isolation. At least three other high-profile Islamic militants that we know of exploited the asylum system over the past decade:

Ramzi Yousef landed at New York City's JFK airport from Pakistan and flashed an Iraqi passport without a visa to inspectors. He was briefly detained for illegal entry and fingerprinted, but was allowed to remain in the country after invoking the magic words "political asylum." The then-INS released him because it didn't have enough space in its detention facility. Yousef headed to Jersey City to plot the 1993 World Trade Center bombing.

Gazi Ibrahim Abu Mezer, a Palestinian bomb-builder, entered the U.S. illegally through Canada in 1996 and 1997. He claimed political asylum based on alleged persecution by Israelis, was released on a reduced $5,000 bond posted by a man who was himself an illegal alien, and then skipped his asylum hearing after calling his attorney and lying about his whereabouts. In June 1997, after his lawyer withdrew Mezer's asylum claim, a federal immigration judge ordered Mezer to leave the country on a "voluntary departure order." Mezer ignored the useless piece of paper. He joined a New York City bombing plot before being arrested in July 1997 after a roommate tipped off local police.

Mir Aimal Kansi, convicted in 1997 of capital murder and nine other charges stemming from his January 1993 shooting spree outside the CIA headquarters in McLean, Va., also exploited our insane asylum laxity. Despite his history as a known Pakistani militant who had participated in anti-American demonstrations abroad, Kansi received a business visa in 1991. After arrival, he claimed political asylum based on his ethnic minority status in Pakistan. While his asylum application was pending, he obtained a driver's license and an AK-47, murdered two CIA agents, and wounded three others.

When will our government stop being so politically correct and crack down on illegal and phony immigration? This gaping hole in our security MUST be plugged... ASAP if not sooner...


Paul Marshall Johnson, Jr.


Alone, surrounded, facing death for being who he is
God needs for you to die now, Remember Ali the Alamo, Fallujah, Abu Ghraib...
Satan America allows me to kill and kill and kill...
Cut off head, God wants you to. (Really he does)
Dripping blood and chaos is his wish for you and yours

What kind of god demands such terror and blood?
How could any worship this way? Why?

Hostage weak, oh how tough you are,
bastard son of...
Put your woman in her place,
slice off the Zionist crusader American head,
then your impotence
will cease...

Or you will finally meet your martyrdom, dead and silent,
Like Lenin or Pol Pot...
Worms and the hate you left behind your only comfort...

An Islamic Web site showed videotape Tuesday of a blindfolded American hostage in Saudi Arabia and of abductors threatening to kill him unless Saudi authorities free al-Qaida prisoners within three days.

Paul Johnson, 49, of Stafford Township, N.J., was abducted Saturday by a group calling itself al-Qaida in the Arabian Peninsula. The organization is believed to be headed by al-Qaida's chief in the Saudi kingdom, Abdullah-aziz al-Moqrin, who is identified as speaking on the tape.

"My name is Paul Marshall Johnson, Jr.," the hostage says in the tape, seated and with an elaborate tattoo showing on his left shoulder. "I am an American. ... I work on Apache helicopters."

We are praying for you Paul...

Praying for the death of the terrorist and their wish for terror and chaos...



For whose adornment the mouths
Of roses open in languorous speech;
And from whose grace the trees of heaven
Learn their white standing.

(I must go now to cash in the milk bottles
So I can phone somebody
For enough money for our supper.)

Kenneth Patchen


Teens recruiting teens to kill themself

Isn't it obscene, to talk your "friends" to exploding
Paradise waits, Martyrdom, Hate, were else would you be going
The glory is yours, I'll stay behind, and gather the others to follow
Don't drink the Kool-Aid kids, though Jim says god wants you to swallow
For nothing...

(New York Times/Axis of Quagmire) NABLUS, West Bank - When teenage suicide bombers began emerging from Nablus last fall, Israeli and Palestinian leaders expressed concern that Palestinian factions were cynically exploiting the youths.

Palestinian factions cynically exploiting the youth?

I'm shocked.. Shocked I tell ya, shocked...

In November, a 16-year-old from Nablus blew himself up near Israeli soldiers in the West Bank, killing no one else. Another 16-year-old carried out a nearly identical action in January, with the same result. In March, Hussam Abdo, 16, was captured on videotape when he was confronted and arrested by Israeli troops at a checkpoint with a bomb belt cinched under his red sweater. In early May, Israel arrested two Nablus residents, ages 18 and 19, who are accused of planning a bombing.

Not all the cases are directly linked, but Israel says that it also has arrested a teenager it accuses of recruiting several youths in Nablus to become bombers. He is Nasser Awartani.

Nasser, 15, a good student with no previous record of trouble, is one of four youths from the same 10th-grade class who are in Israeli custody, suspected of links to attacks emanating from Nablus.

"In his interrogation, Nasser admitted recruiting and attempting to recruit suicide bombers," says a report of his questioning, conducted by Israel's Shin Bet security service. The report was made available in response to a request from The New York Times.
Nasser's family members say they do not believe the accusations.

Oh no not Nasser, he would never kill jooooos...

"In this atmosphere, all mothers are worried that something could happen to their sons," said Nasser's mother, Iklas Abu Saud, who is divorced and uses her maiden name. "I tried to keep an eye on him at all times, and didn't want him mixing with armed people. I can't believe he would do something like this."

As the Israeli-Palestinian conflict grinds on, with many Palestinian militants now arrested or dead, the ranks are increasingly filled by eager youths, some in their middle to late teens.

Oh yeah they are totally running out of militants... They keep exploding it seems...

Some Palestinian leaders have condemned the use of teenagers, and opposition to the practice is widespread among ordinary Palestinians, but it is not clear that the practice has stopped. Palestinian factions say that women and youths are more able than men to slip past Israeli security checks.

Why don't I buy the "opposition is widespread" meme? Maybe the martyr flavored propaganda is too strong for me to be convinced...

"These kids believe they are going to become heroes by becoming bombers," said the colonel, who declined to speak for attribution because of army regulations. "I see them as scared children who don't grasp what they are doing."

Hmmm, I see them as genocidal murderers... Must have found a soft IDF member for this quote I think...

According to the Shin Bet report, Nasser joined Al Aksa Martyrs Brigades last year. He also had links to the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine, the report said.

Nice how the quagmire fails to mention that al Aksa is a subsidiary of the fatah party run by Yasser Arafat...

Initially, Nasser's role was limited to such activities as putting up the "martyr posters" that are produced when Palestinians are killed. But last October, two students in Nasser's class at the Abdel Hamid Assayeh school asked him if he wanted to be a suicide bomber, the report said.

Yeah all we did was train him to idolize killers... Now we're shocked he's recruiting them... Most of us are all against that sort of thing...

Nasser refused, but he agreed to recruit potential bombers, the report said, adding that his first choice was his friend and relative Sabih Abu Saud, a 16-year-old who lived nearby.

Does that mean he loves or hates his "friend"?

The mothers of Nasser and Sabih are cousins, and the two boys had known each other and played together all their lives. Shortly before Sabih's attack, the boys went to a photo studio and posed together, arms around each other's shoulder.

Yeah you go kill some jooos and I'll make a poster of you...

According to the Shin Bet report, Nasser introduced Sabih to Al Aksa leaders, and Sabih left to carry out his bombing on Nov. 3. The teenage bombers generally have been ineffective, and Sabih never made it out of the West Bank, blowing himself up as soldiers were closing in on him.

Oh that don't matter none... As long as you blow yourself up you get the virgins...