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(OJ trial part 2) Guantanamo bay detainee get hearing...

And vows to kill Americans... Isn't that special... (sigh)

detain vows to 'kill Americans By Tim Witcher in Cuba05aug04 AN Algerian detainee at the Guantanamo Bay US detention camp vowed before a military tribunal to "kill Americans" if he was released, officials said today. Another of the six detainees to go before special tribunals at the base where almost 600 'war on terror' suspects are held was with al-Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden in caves in Tora Bora, Afghanistan during the war in 2001, officials said.

Yup better make sure he gets the same kind of trial as OJ complete with press access... Just because he was caught in the "war on terror" (love the scare quotes) is no reason he shouldn't have the same civil rights as Martha Stewart... Was this man read his Miranda rights? (If he wasn't that would infringe on ALL our rights.) Sigh...

The first Combatant Status Review Tribunal, which will recommend whether detainees should still be considered "enemy combatants" was held behind closed doors at Guantanamo last Friday. Six have been held so far and a seventh was under way, a defense Department spokeswoman Commander Beci Brenton told reporters here.
Ms Brenton said the 24-year-old Algerian had gone from France to Afghanistan with the help of al-Qaeda and was given training to use small arms and rocket propelled grenades at the Malik training camp.

A fine upstanding citizen if you ask me... Wouldn't be right to just assume he is an illegal combatant... He may have just been an innocent bystander who just happened to be Al Qeada trained...

The man, who like all of the detainees has not been named, was captured after he
was injured by a grenade accidentally set off by another fighter.

I usually don't like to laugh at the pain of others... But in this case...

Ms Brenton said the Algerian "stated he would kill Americans if released".

Ok now that it's funny at all... Is it wrong that I want him dead?

A 49 year-old Yemeni, who was among the four to boycott the hearings, has admitted he was with al-Qaeda leader bin Laden during the siege of the Tora Bora caves near the Afghanistan-Pakistan frontier in 2001.
"He was present in Tora Bora while Osama bin Laden was there," said Ms Brenton.
"He participated in the battle of Tora Bora and was captured with an AK-47 rifle."

Hmm to me that pretty much says it all... This war is not over... He should be held if not executed... After a military tribunal and no more... Is there some reason that this illegal combatant who wants to kill Americans should even have a CHANCE of being released? And would holding him for say the next 50 years diminish MY rights some how? I fail to see how... In fact I think doing so would increase my right to life as in "life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness..."

Most of the inmates from about 40 countries at Guantanamo Bay have been held without charge or access to a lawyer for about two and a half years.
Facing international pressure over the controversial detentions and conditions at the camp, the United States started the special military tribunal hearings and preliminary hearings for four inmates who do face charges are to begin this month.

The feckless "international pressure" should be ignored much as the "international community" is ignoring the genocide in Sudan... I don't like the supreme court ruling on this... But I have SUBSTANTIALLY more respect for it than our feckless "allies" who stand by and watch genocide but can find time to condemn Israel for building a wall (Which we know is the "real" genocide right?)

Navy Secretary Gordon England is to observe a tribunal hearing at Guantanamo Bay today and representatives of the foreign and US media are to be allowed to watch hearings tomorrow and Friday. But reporters will not be able to identify the detainees and will only be allowed to listen to what the Defence Department has called "unclassified" details on individual cases.

But of course the press finds it important that this get the full OJ treatment... And the supreme court ruling makes it seem that it might even happen... Won't it be great when an idiot like this gets to spout on TeeVee to CNN about how the evil Americans made him do it through mind control rays (Or whatever Johnnie Cochran or similar will tell him to say)

Each detainee can also only review "unclassified information relating to the basis for his detention." The US Supreme Court has ruled that Guantanamo inmates have the right to take up their cases in US courts. But lawyers who say they represent some of the inmate are still complaining because they have not been given access.

Won't it be great when the trials in US courts happen... Maybe the people can then pay a billion dollars or so, so that the best lawyers available can get these "people" off... See I can use scare quotes too...


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