Sonic Puke
It's all fun and games until somebody pokes out an eye


Paul Marshall Johnson, Jr.


Alone, surrounded, facing death for being who he is
God needs for you to die now, Remember Ali the Alamo, Fallujah, Abu Ghraib...
Satan America allows me to kill and kill and kill...
Cut off head, God wants you to. (Really he does)
Dripping blood and chaos is his wish for you and yours

What kind of god demands such terror and blood?
How could any worship this way? Why?

Hostage weak, oh how tough you are,
bastard son of...
Put your woman in her place,
slice off the Zionist crusader American head,
then your impotence
will cease...

Or you will finally meet your martyrdom, dead and silent,
Like Lenin or Pol Pot...
Worms and the hate you left behind your only comfort...

An Islamic Web site showed videotape Tuesday of a blindfolded American hostage in Saudi Arabia and of abductors threatening to kill him unless Saudi authorities free al-Qaida prisoners within three days.

Paul Johnson, 49, of Stafford Township, N.J., was abducted Saturday by a group calling itself al-Qaida in the Arabian Peninsula. The organization is believed to be headed by al-Qaida's chief in the Saudi kingdom, Abdullah-aziz al-Moqrin, who is identified as speaking on the tape.

"My name is Paul Marshall Johnson, Jr.," the hostage says in the tape, seated and with an elaborate tattoo showing on his left shoulder. "I am an American. ... I work on Apache helicopters."

We are praying for you Paul...

Praying for the death of the terrorist and their wish for terror and chaos...


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