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Human Shield gets comeupance/The REAL story of the US flag on Saddams statue

(Times UK) “YANKEE bastard,” yelled the young British peacenik at the first American tank to roll up to the Palestine Hotel. “Go home.”
She picked a man who had waited for 576 days to give his answer. Marine First Lieutenant Tim McLaughlin leant from the turret of his Abrams tank — nickamed “Satan’s Right Hand” — and screamed back: “I was at the Pentagon September 11. My co-workers died. I don’t give a f***.”
Lieutenant McLaughlin had with him a Stars and Stripes that he had been given at the Pentagon that fateful day. In Baghdad’s Paradise Square, he handed the flag to Corporal Edward Chin, who climbed a giant statue of Saddam and draped it over the deposed dictator’s head.
It was there only briefly; the gesture raised hardly a cheer from the gathering crowd and a black, white and red Iraqi flag quickly replaced it as a scarf around the statue’s neck. That, too, was removed to make way for the winch that would bring down the hated figure.


Mobile Bio-weapons lab in Iraq?
Possible Bioweapons found..

(FOX) U.S. Marines near Baghdad may have found a mobile biological- or chemical-weapons lab, Fox News learned Thursday afternoon.
Resembling a refrigerated truck from the outside, and containing guided-missile support equipment, the truck was found to have a false internal wall that concealed an remote-controlled electronic pulley-and-winch system and several open bins and containers.
Investigators told Fox News the system resembled a hazardous-materials lab, where substances could be mixed, cooled and heated without direct human contact.
Hazardous materials may have been found inside the truck as well.

Team arrives at Iraq nuclear plant to hunt for plutonium
Weapons grade plutonium in Iraq?

After a quick inspection at what military authorities call the “Yellowcake Facility” a few hundred meters offsite, the Army specialists told the Marines they suspect Al-Tuwaitha harbors weapons-grade plutonium at the Yellowcake site. Previously, it was believed by international inspectors to hold uranium.

Suicide bomb kills US marines
More cowardly attacks in defense of a dead regime....

A number of US marines have been killed and others seriously wounded in a suicide bomb attack on a military checkpoint in Baghdad.
US marines spokesman Major Matt Baker said that "some" servicemen had been killed, although he could not say how many.
The BBC's Paul Wood in Baghdad said that he heard a series of loud explosions not far from the Hotel Palestine in central Baghdad, where the majority of the foreign press in the city is based.
US marines who said they witnessed the incident told our correspondent that an Iraqi man had approached the checkpoint and detonated a number of grenades.
Smoke can now be seen rising from the scene of the incident.

Marines hold nuclear site
Nukes in Iraq? Who wudda thunkit....

So far, Marine nuclear and intelligence experts have discovered 14 buildings that betray high levels of radiation. Some of the readings show nuclear residue too deadly for human occupation.
A few hundred meters outside the complex, where peasants say the "missile water" is stored in mammoth caverns, the Marine radiation detectors go "off the charts."
"It's amazing," said Chief Warrant Officer Darrin Flick, the battalion's nuclear, biological and chemical warfare specialist. "I went to the off-site storage buildings, and the rad detector went off the charts. Then I opened the steel door, and there were all these drums, many, many drums, of highly radioactive material."
To nuclear experts in the United States, the discovery of a subterranean complex is highly interesting, perhaps the atomic "smoking gun" intelligence agencies have been searching for as Operation Iraqi Freedom unfolds.