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The war? That was all over two weeks ago
John Keegan explains that the war was over 2 weeks ago.....

(Telegraph) As my colleague John Keegan asked yesterday, "Where is the enemy?" The answer, in terms of a formal Iraqi military presence, is that it's confined to the Baghdad broadcasting studio. On Iraqi TV, every Information Minister or Deputy Prime Minister who turns up to read the late Saddam's latest statement is wearing a uniform. In the Iraqi army, hardly anyone is.
You couldn't ask for a better visual summation: Iraq has no general, just the odd paunchy yes-man who plays one on TV. On the ground, it has no real manpower, just a few terrorists willing to push their comrades and the civilian population into the line of fire. (For the benefit of the more pedantic moral equivalists, I hasten to add that targeting the US military doesn't make you a terrorist, but using a pregnant woman as your weapon does.)


Tornadoes to drop 'concrete bombs'
High tech saves civilian lives, kills tanks....

now the crews operating over Iraq from the Ali Al Salem airbase in northern Kuwait are about to go to the opposite extreme and use "inert bombs".
These are basically blocks of concrete shaped as bombs and painted blue to identify them as non-explosive if they are discovered still intact after the war.
Great accuracy
But they will be laser-guided 1,000lb blocks of concrete, capable of destroying a tank or artillery piece, but without causing a devastating explosion that would put civilians at risk and shatter surrounding buildings.

At last, the American soldiers discover a friendly welcome
Another friendly welcome (Not at last as telegraph would have you think)

(Telegraph) The welcome they had hoped for finally greeted American troops yesterday, as waving Iraqis lined the streets when the advance northwards to Baghdad was resumed.
The scenes, long awaited, did much to lift the spirits of the troops as convoys of tanks wound their way through a town on the west bank of the Euphrates.
"Maybe this is the parade they had promised us," said Sgt Gary Harrison, as he returned a greeting with a wave. "They sure seem happy to see us. Let's hope they aren't the only ones."
As they passed, hundreds, possibly thousands, of people emerged from their houses to signal their welcome.
Whole families stood together outside their homes, the children smiling and their parents urging the Americans forward. Young men stood in clusters, while women dressed in black religious robes put down the clothes they had been washing in the river and waved.
Capt David Waldron, 31, commander of the Black

Iraqis Welcome U.S. Marines in Shatra
Even more Iraqi's happy to see the american troops

(Reuters) Hundreds of Iraqis shouting "Welcome to Iraq" greeted Marines who entered the town of Shatra Monday after storming it with planes, tanks and helicopter gunships.
A foot patrol picked its way through the small southern town, 20 miles north of the city of Nassiriya, after being beckoned in by a crowd of people.
"There's no problem here. We are happy to see Americans," one young man shouted.

Royal Marines storm Basra suburb
A warm welcome for the British in Basra...

(Telegraph) They received a warm welcome from the members of the 30,000-strong population, with children and adults giving the thumbs-up, smiling and shouting "Mister, mister, England good".
One surprised Royal Marine said: "We were meant to be giving them food but they keep coming up to us and giving us stuff."

Umm Qasr Show Signs of Security
Umm Qasr stabilizing and the citizens happy for liberation, glad Saddam will be removed....

(AP) The portrait of Saddam Hussein welcoming drivers to this port city has been freshly painted over with three red Xs. Overnight, locals say new slogans reading ``Death to Saddam'' and ``Down with Saddam'' appeared on the walls at the market.
The new graffiti underlines the growing sense of security in this British-controlled city. But even Iraqis arriving Sunday to seek jobs at the port are hesitant to have their pictures taken - afraid Baghdad's agents are still on the prowl and that the U.S.-led coalition won't finish the liberation it started.
``I hope they continue doing what they are coming for and they get Saddam,'' Haider Abduljabar Mrayir, 20, a former student who was hoping to get hired at the port, said of the U.S. and British forces.

One in kisser for Saddam
Iraqi's line up to kiss this hot blonde American solidier

(SUN) THE British Army unleashed its secret weapon in the battle to win over the Iraqi people yesterday — a blonde squaddie called Sharon.
Corporal Sharon Astor joined one of the first British patrols to take off their helmets in the town of Safwan.
And her stunning looks and sunny smile won her an army of admirers.
Sharon, 25, from the Wirral, Cheshire, said: “I can’t believe the reception I’ve had — it must be my long blonde hair.
“The kids and some of their dads have been queuing up to give me a kiss — it’s totally unexpected.”
She was the centre of attention as she handed out water, sweets and biscuits to children in the rundown town near the Kuwaiti border.
She even allowed the smiling kids to try on her camouflaged desert helmet in return for a peck on the cheek.

At last, smiles greet U.S. troops as they enter holy city in Iraq
Even more Iraqi's breathing freedom and happy to see thier American liberators

"It was like the liberation of Paris," said Army Lt. Col. Chris Hughes, 42, of Red Oak, Iowa, after returning from a meeting with representatives of the city's leading Islamic cleric. "It was incredible."
The reception here was precisely what U.S. war planners had predicted would happen as coalition forces moved through the country, subduing Iraqi army troops and paramilitary fighters, on the way to Baghdad.
Najaf, which has a population of about 560,000, is the biggest Iraqi city U.S. troops have entered and taken some measure of control. For the world's nearly 120 million Shiite Muslims, Najaf is also the third holiest city, behind Mecca and Medina in Saudi Arabia, and a place that coalition forces approached with care. But the environment turned friendly as the Americans took charge of some neighborhoods.

UK tank unseats 'Saddam' in small Iraqi town
More Iraqi's glad to be liberated.....

A crowd of about 500 Iraqis cheered on Wednesday after Britain's Desert Rats unit demolished a five-metre high, five-ton bronze statue of President Saddam Hussein.

Lance Corporal Graeme Church said the British forces were shocked by the response they received when they began to knock down the statue.

"As soon as the locals saw what we were doing, they started coming out to watch," said the 27-year-old from the north-eastern English city of Middlesborough.

"It was as though over the years the statue had helped to put a stranglehold on the whole town and by its destruction the people had been emancipated.

Casualty In An Undeclared War
Another opinion piece on the undeclared war between the media and the military and how the media is losing....

No, this is not talking about innocent civilians being used as human shields in Iraq or anywhere else. Nor is it a discussion of special operations being conducted across the globe as a part of the war on terror. What the title of this piece is about is the undeclared war between mainstream media and the military.
This war, such as it is, has been ongoing since around the time of the Korean war and came fully into its own in Vietnam. There are just causes for conflict on both sides, and both are guilty of atrocities. Yet, it is the media that has been continuing to fight a battle against the military, and fails to see that it is losing the war.

The Conservative Thinking Behind The War On Terrorism
An interesting opinion piece about why we have to fight the war on terror...

The war between America and terrorism was joined by America on 9/11, but that's not when it started. Terrorists have been taking aim at America for more than two decades. Some of the more notable attacks include the Lebanon barracks bombing, the bombing of a German disco frequented by American servicemen, the first WTC bombing, the Khobar towers bombing, the bombing of our embassies in Kenya & Tanzania, & the attack on the USS Cole. Of course, there have been many other smaller attacks and a staggering number of terrorist plans that were thwarted by our intelligence agencies. But until 9/11, these were the pricks of a mosquito trying to take down an eagle. After 9/11, the eagle finally decided to get serious about the problem.....

Where are all Iraq's soldiers hiding?
An interesting question.....

(Telegraph) Opponents of the war will say that, though western casualties may be low, that is not true of the Iraqis. Perhaps, but where is the proof?
"The marines are now pushing up against the territory supposedly defended by the dreaded Republican Guard. Yet there is no sign of them; their menace seems constantly to recede.

"Similar reports of a melting enemy are coming from the US army in Najaf and Kerbala and from other marines at Kut, downstream of Nasiriyah." The marine company commander rubbed home the point, after a very rare exchange of fire with the enemy. "We were a little bit surprised to get some fire but we fired back. It only lasted five minutes. These guys are cowards. This is boring."

Where indeed is the Republican Guard or the so-called Iraqi regular army? The situation map on March 20 showed six Republican Guard divisions encircling Baghdad and 16 ordinary army divisions, of which six armoured or mechanised, distributed about the country.


Iraqi's want to surrender but are afraid of death squads
In the Stalinistic nightmare Iraq is under Saddam Iraqi's are to afraid to surrender.....

(UPI) An Iraqi officer's aide said after being moved to Erbil that "the majority of soldiers preferred to surrender but feared the firing squads" led by Iraqi leader Saddam Hussein's youngest son, Qusay.

Iraqi military centers transferred to holy site
Not only are they now basing in Mosques, they are also now shelling their own civilians for propaganda value. Hell of a way to generate propaganda.....

(IRNA) The Iraqi regime has transferred its
military bases and anti-air pads in Mosul to the city's mosques and
holy sites, it was announced here on Wednesday.
Muhammed Haji Mahmoud, Secretary General of the Iraqi Kurdistan
Socialist Party told IRNA correspondent that the decision is aimed at
making the US and British forces attack the Muslim holy sites.
A missile launched by the Iraqi army fell on a village in the
vicinity of Mosul on Tuesday but it did not explode, he added.
The Baghdad regime also attacked two villages near the city of
Arbil on Tuesday inflicting great damage on the defenseless
villagers, Mahmoud further announced.
The Iraqi army artillery also attacked regions in southern Arbil
yesterday, killing or wounding a large number of civilians there, he
Meanwhile, every day dozens of Iraqi militarymen flee the army and
surrender to the forces of the Iraqi Kurdistan Socialist Party,
Mahmoud noted.

Villagers Rejoice Over Freedom From Militants - AQ ties in northern Iraq
More rejoicing Iraqi's free from the tyrants evil grip celebrate!

"How dare they call us infidels! If you say 'There is no god but God and Mohammed is his prophet,' then you are a Muslim," said Osman Wahab, 65, freely puffing on a cigarette for the first time in three years.
In the village of Biyara nestled in the mountains near the Iranian border in Kurdish-controlled northern Iraq, men were busy this weekend shaving their beards and smoking — reveling in their new freedom. A woman stood in the center of town and tore off her enveloping black abaya. She tossed her hair in the sun for a moment, smiling broadly, before donning a simple headscarf.
At least 700 Ansar militants had established Taliban-like restrictions on about 30 villages here, forcing the local residents to practice a narrow interpretation of Islam that was alien to the moderate Muslim traditions practiced among most Kurds.
Pro Bin Laden
"They are al Qaeda," said Commander Ghafur Darwish, sunning himself on a roof after his peshmerga soldiers retook control of Biyara. "Ansar was using Islam as a cover. They are terrorists."
Ansar's leaders praised Osama bin Laden and sheltered his so-called mujahideen, or holy warriors, that were run out of Afghanistan last year, so it seemed only a matter of time before America took notice.


Iraqi's use children as human shields
How low can you go.....

(Independant) Iraqi Fedayeen paramilitaries used children as human shields during a battle with British troops, a British tank commander has claimed.
Sergeant David Baird, who commands a Challenger 2 tank from C Squadron of the Royal Scots Dragoon Guards battle group, said he had witnessed at least four or five children, aged between five and eight, being grabbed "by the scruff of the neck" and held by Iraqi fighters as they crossed a road in front of his tank.
Sgt Baird said he had been "sickened" by the tactics of the Iraqis, who moments earlier had been firing rocket-propelled grenades at his tank. He said he had been forced to halt any retaliatory fire because of the danger to the children's lives.

Royal Marines welcomed in Basra suburb
Most Iraqi's are happy to see us.... Desperate to be freed from the tyrant.

(Telegraph) They received a warm welcome from the members of the 30,000-strong population, with children and adults giving the thumbs-up, smiling and shouting "Mister, mister, England good".
One surprised Royal Marine said: "We were meant to be giving them food but they keep coming up to us and giving us stuff."

A Royal Marine told of a grenade glancing off his helmet and another told of how an Iraqi colonel driving a car with a briefcase full of cash refused to stop and was shot dead. "I didn't know what to do with the money so I gave it to the kids, bundles of the stuff," the Royal Marine said.

For the Iraqis the arrival of the British also appeared to be welcome news. British troops discovered evidence of the brutality of the regime in a police station in the suburb where they found what appeared to be a torture chamber.

"If any proof was needed of the nature of Saddam Hussein's regime then things like this give it," Lt-Col Gordon Messenger, the commanding officer of 40 Commando, said.

Iraqis Sent on Suicide Mission Surrender
Saddam sent them to kill themselves. But they really didn't want to. It's Saddam and his thugs not the Iraqi people who want to fight.

(AP) Two Iraqi soldiers who said they were sent on a suicide attack mission to the country's largest port have turned themselves in to British troops, the British commander said Tuesday.
"We had two suicide bombers turn themselves in yesterday because they didn't want to be suicide bombers any more," Col. Steve Cox, commander of the Royal Marine Commandos running Umm Qasr, told reporters. "We are accommodating them."
The pair had no explosives in their possession when they surrendered, Cox said, adding that they were turned over to British military intelligence for interrogation and would be treated as enemy prisoners of war. He did not give any details about the alleged plans for a suicide attack.

Raid Finds al-Qaida Tie to Iraq Militants
More evidence of a Saddam/AQ tie....

(AP) A U.S.-led assault on a compound controlled by an extremist Islamic group turned up a list of names of suspected militants living in the United States and what may be the strongest evidence yet linking the group to al-Qaida, coalition commanders said Monday.
The cache of documents at the Ansar al-Islam compound, including computer discs and foreign passports belonging to Arab fighters from around the Middle East, could bolster the Bush administration's claims that the two groups are connected

Iraqi civilians feed hungry US marines
Most Iraqi's are happy to see the americans.....

(AFP) Iraqi civilians fleeing heavy fighting have stunned and delighted hungry US marines in central Iraq by giving them food, as guerrilla attacks continue to disrupt coalition supply lines to the rear.
Sergeant Kenneth Wilson said Arabic-speaking US troops made contact with two busloads of Iraqis fleeing south along Route Seven towards Rafit, one of the first friendly meetings with local people for the marines around here.
"They had slaughtered lambs and chickens and boiled eggs and potatoes for their journey out of the frontlines," Wilson said.
At one camp, the buses stopped and women passed out food to the troops, who have had to ration their army-issue packets of ready-to-eat meals due to disruptions to supply lines by fierce fighting further south.

Cowardly Homicide bomber attacks americans at checkpoint

Saddam and the fundamentalist have NOTHING in common. Riiiight?

(FOX) Four American soldiers were killed Saturday when a homicide bomber in a taxi detonated explosives outside the Iraqi city of Najaf, a U.S. military officer said.

Capt. Andrew Wallace told Associated Press Television News that a taxi had stopped close to the checkpoint, and as five soldiers approached the car it exploded.
Wallace said the victims were part of the 1st Brigade, 3rd Infantry Divison. The attack occurred at a U.S.-manned checkpoint on Highway 9, north of Najaf.
Both Central Command and the Pentagon have confirmed the bombing, but have yet to release official casualty numbers.
The homicide bombing Saturday was the first against U.S. and British forces since the invasion of Iraq began.

Ambulance 'used in attack'

Of course Saddam would never align himself with fundamentalist extremists. He is a secular leader and would never declare Jihad. Not.

(The Australian) Three US troops were wounded, one seriously, after Iraqi soldiers used a Red Crescent ambulance to stage an attack in southern Iraq, a US Air Force source has said.

The Iraqi troops opened fire on a group of American soldiers who had approached the ambulance at a town north of Nasiriyah, the source said.
The seriously injured soldier would be evacuated, while two others were undergoing surgery at a captured air base, the source added.
The Red Crescent, the Muslim equivalent of the Red Cross, has been delivering aid to impoverished locals in territory in southern Iraq which has been captured by the US-led coalition.
Coalition commanders have regularly reported coming under attack from Iraqi soldiers who have changed out of uniform into civilian clothing.

Another evil attempt by Saddam to hurt his own people. Ambulances should be able to move freely. But these tactics will make that impossible. Way to kill help the Iraqi people Saddam.

Al-Qaida cell in action in Iraq

More proof of an Al-Qaida/Saddam link.

(Herald Sun) BRITISH military interrogators claim captured Iraqi soldiers have told them that al-Qaida terrorists are fighting against allied troops near Basra.

At least a dozen members of Osama bin Laden's network are in the town of Az Zubayr, where they are co-ordinating grenade and gun attacks on coalition positions, according to the Iraqi prisoners of war.
A senior British military source inside Iraq said: "The information we have received from PoWs today is that an al-Qaida cell may be operating in Az Zubayr, near Basra in the south. There are possibly around a dozen of them and that is obviously a matter of concern to us."
British forces were believed to be preparing a military strike on the base where the al-Qaida unit was understood to be holed up.
If confirmed, it would be the first proof of a direct link between Saddam's regime and Osama bin Laden.

Sure to be ignored by the anti-liberation anti-war protestors

Bus attack a cowardly suicidal new tactic

Another low by the evil regime soon to be ejected from currently in baghdad

(SMH) United States troops say they are dealing with a new tactic from Iraqi soldiers - a willingness to use civilians in suicide attacks to halt the American advance.
As coalition soldiers drove through a dust storm on Wednesday afternoon, fighters believed to be from Saddam Hussein's Baath Party drove a bus, the passengers still aboard, into a Bradley fighting vehicle.
The brief and vicious firefight left the road littered with bodies, all Iraqis, and wrecked vehicles. Small-arms fire cracked and popped overhead even as medical personnel attended the Iraqi wounded.
US commanders said they expect suicide attacks to become more commonplace as coalition forces move toward Baghdad.
"They have decided on suicide missions to get at us," said Charlie Company commander Captain Jason Conroy, 30. "We need to be really careful about any civilian vehicles approaching us."

Keep our patriots in your thoughts. They are facing true evil.