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North Drawing Lessons From Saddam's Fall
DPRK getting scared I think... Executing their leader much like Saddam...

North Korea is evaluating its leaders to confirm their loyalty to the regime, assuming the Saddam Hussein regime fell because its military leaders betrayed it, a private U.S. global intelligence consulting firm said over the weekend.
The consultant, Stratfor, quoted North Korean informed services in Europe as saying high North Korean officials were closely analyzing the Iraq war to learn lessons from it. The North believes that the Saddam regime collapsed due to the betrayal of Iraq's military leaders rather than superior U.S. military capabilities, Stratfor said, adding that Pyongyang thinks it can make a U.S. attack less likely if such internal betrayals do not occur.

Stratfor said Pyongyang would take appropriate actions to prevent such betrayals from occurring within its ranks. North Korea is starting to strengthen the union between its leaders and the public, the consultant said. Pyongyang implemented a new military service law in March under which government officials under the age of 40 who avoided military service will have to go back and fulfill it.


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