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Iranian Reformist MPs call for restoring relations with US
Promising developments in the axis of evil...

IRNA -- Some 154 members of the parliament on
Wednesday called on the Foreign Ministry to adopt active diplomacy to
restore relations with the United States as a "deterrent approach" to
possible threats.
The MPs defended their call for restoring relations with the
United States as being in line with the national interest and a
democratic demand.
The MPs urged the Foreign Ministry to push for confidence
building in the international scene and help remove any
misunderstanding with other nations.
The statement maintained in the meantime that the recommendation
is in line with the aspirations of the Islamic Revolution,
independence of the country and freedom.
Referring to the events going on in Afghanistan and Iraq over
the past two years, the statement said that ignoring the
recommendation may cause disaster for the nation. Such a threat should
be dealt with timely, it said.
Comparing the popularity of the Islamic Republic of Iran with
the Iraqi 30-year-old dictatorship and Iran's eight-year sacred
defense against the Iraqi-imposed war, the statement said that the
Iraqi people did not defend their country against the coalition
invasion because they no longer were willing that their national
wealth being put at Saddam's disposal.
"We believe that the progress and bright prospects will be
available with safeguarding the territorial integrity, independence,
freedom and the Islamic Republic and that no excuse is acceptable to
ignore our recommendation," the reformist MPs said.


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