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Iranian Culture minister calls for freedom of press
Good signs coming from Tehran...

Minister of Culture and Islamic Guidance Ahmad Masjed Jamei said here on Saturday that freedom of the press will prevent the accumulation of negative anxieties in society.

The minister added that freedom of the press is a lengthy process unattainable through political decision-making. Speaking on the World Day of Freedom of the Press commemorated in Iranian Journalists Association, he added that the challenge interfering the promotion of such a freedom can only be tackled by dialogue and proper analysis of the present status of the press in
the country.

The minister said that the close assessment of the press laws,
freedom and limits of its task is effective in institutionalizing
freedom of the press. Referring to `Independence', `Freedom' and `Islamic Republic' as three distinct principles of the constitution, he said that independence and freedom complement one another.

He added that according to the constitution, freedom of the press can be realized.


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