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Despite Hazards, American Forces Making Progress
Things looking up for the Iraqis

o Soldiers from V Corps continued to remove stockpiled Iraqi ammunition from sites in Baghdad to prevent black marketing. Similar to what's been done in Afghanistan, unserviceable weapons and ammunition are destroyed, while functioning equipment and intact ammunition are being held for future use by the Iraqi military.

o Five out of 14 schools in Safwan reopened. In Al Zabayr, 48 of 60 schools have reopened.

o The Kirkuk government building formally reopened.

o All five hospitals in Najaf are open, and all five have functioning ambulance service.

o Power is fully restored in one-third of 27 key cities. Water supply is at or above pre-war levels in more than half of the cities.

o The security situation in 19 of the key cities is considered "permissive." Iraqi police forces are operating in many of the cities, often with joint Iraqi/coalition patrols.


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