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Where are all Iraq's soldiers hiding?
An interesting question.....

(Telegraph) Opponents of the war will say that, though western casualties may be low, that is not true of the Iraqis. Perhaps, but where is the proof?
"The marines are now pushing up against the territory supposedly defended by the dreaded Republican Guard. Yet there is no sign of them; their menace seems constantly to recede.

"Similar reports of a melting enemy are coming from the US army in Najaf and Kerbala and from other marines at Kut, downstream of Nasiriyah." The marine company commander rubbed home the point, after a very rare exchange of fire with the enemy. "We were a little bit surprised to get some fire but we fired back. It only lasted five minutes. These guys are cowards. This is boring."

Where indeed is the Republican Guard or the so-called Iraqi regular army? The situation map on March 20 showed six Republican Guard divisions encircling Baghdad and 16 ordinary army divisions, of which six armoured or mechanised, distributed about the country.


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