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Umm Qasr Show Signs of Security
Umm Qasr stabilizing and the citizens happy for liberation, glad Saddam will be removed....

(AP) The portrait of Saddam Hussein welcoming drivers to this port city has been freshly painted over with three red Xs. Overnight, locals say new slogans reading ``Death to Saddam'' and ``Down with Saddam'' appeared on the walls at the market.
The new graffiti underlines the growing sense of security in this British-controlled city. But even Iraqis arriving Sunday to seek jobs at the port are hesitant to have their pictures taken - afraid Baghdad's agents are still on the prowl and that the U.S.-led coalition won't finish the liberation it started.
``I hope they continue doing what they are coming for and they get Saddam,'' Haider Abduljabar Mrayir, 20, a former student who was hoping to get hired at the port, said of the U.S. and British forces.


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