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U.S. Finds $600 Million Cash in Baghdad
Oil for Palaces/Saddam squirrels away cash while his people starve...

(AP) - U.S. soldiers trying to stop looting in Baghdad ran into a huge cache of cash - more than $600 million in $100 dollar bills hidden behind a false wall.
Brooks also noted that while many hospitals and clinics in Iraq had little power or medical supplies, Saddam's regime had plenty of generators and medicines available but never delivered them.

In warehouses operated by the Iraqi Ministry of Health, U.S. forces found more generators and spare generator parts than they had expected, along with plenty of medical supplies.

"There are enough supplies here ... to make immediate impact on the condition of several medical facilities," Brooks said, adding that coalition forces will deliver the supplies to hospitals.

Keeping the supplies away from the people. What an evil bastard. I wonder if the people who said the sanctions were killing Iraqi children are taking note of who was doing the killing....


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