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Scars document regime’s torture
More stories of the terror of Saddams evil regime coming out daily...

(MSNBC) Anwar Abdul Razak said both his ears were cut off. Saad Abdul Wahab said his jailers placed electrodes on his navel to administer shocks. Nabil Abdul Ali said his shoulders were dislocated and an electric wire was wrapped around his genitals and attached to a hand-cranked machine. Zuhair Kubba said he was hung upside down and beaten with an iron rod.

Torture was considered so routine that many former prisoners shrugged at first when asked about it. “Of course, they tortured me. Beating people here is something regular,” said Maithem Naji.

Sometimes, Abdul Ali recalled, he had his hands tied behind his back, and then he was hung in such a way as to dislocate his shoulders. Sometimes, they used electricity on him. On his penis and under his nails. Ali demonstrated how it worked, making at hand-crank motion as he explained that the wire to the electricity machine was wrapped around his genitals.
And sometimes, they threatened to abuse his family’s women in front of him. “They used to tell me I’m going to get your sister and your mother right now and take off their clothes in front of you,” he said.

Eventually, the family was taken to a prison in Basra known as the Jail for Adult Re-Education because it used to house a school for adult education. There were many other entire families there, Abdul Ali said, and there they were reunited with his father, Abdul Karim.


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