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The Saddam Files
Stories of the horrors of Saddams regime now coming to light....

Anwar Abdul Razak, remembers when a surgeon kissed him on each cheek, said he was sorry and cut his ears off. Razak, then 21 years old, had been swept up during one of Saddam Hussein’s periodic crackdowns on deserters from the Army. Razak says he was innocently on leave at the time, but no matter; he had been seized by some Baath Party members who earned bounties for catching Army deserters. At Basra Hospital, Razak’s ears were sliced off without painkillers. He said he was thrown into jail with 750 men, all with bloody stumps where their ears had been. “They called us Abu [Arabic for father] Earless,” recalls Razak, whose fiancee left him because of his disfigurement.

It didn’t take much to wind up in a torture chamber. Policeman Majid al Halaf, 33, says he was arrested for firing his gun into the air at a wedding celebration. For three months, the local Baathists tried to make him confess he was an enemy of the party. They applied electric shocks—using wires from a hand-cranked generator—to various body parts including his genitals. Unable to break him, the Baathists finally let him go. “Afterward, they just said, ‘Sorry’,” says Halaf, who went back to police work.

Ulga said he was sentenced to 12 years in jail for belonging to an armed religious group called “the revenge movement for Sadr,” referring to a martyred Shiite cleric. He had been arrested with 19 others; the lucky ones were executed right away. The rest were tortured with electric cattle prods and forced to watch the prison guards gang-rape their wives and sisters. Some were fed into a machine that looked like a giant meat cutter. “People’s bodies were cut into tiny pieces and thrown into the Tigris River,” said Ulga.


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