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N.Korea Makes Big Shift in Nuclear Talks Demand
North Korea willing to accept Bilateral talks all the sudden.... Coincidence?

(Reuters) North Korea said on Saturday it would consider any form of dialogue with the United States about its suspected nuclear arms ambitions if Washington was prepared to make a "bold switchover" in its policy toward Pyongyang.
The dramatic shift from a rigid insistence on bilateral talks came in comments from North Korea's foreign ministry just days after U.S.-led forces unseated Iraq President Saddam Hussein in a war the South Korean president said had "petrified" Pyongyang.
Washington -- which lumps communist North Korea in an "axis of evil" with Iraq and Iran for seeking weapons of mass destruction -- wants multilateral talks that also include regional players South Korea, Japan, Russia and China.
"If the U.S. is ready to make a bold switchover in its Korea policy for a settlement of the nuclear issue, the DPRK will not stick to any particular dialogue format," the official KCNA news agency quoted a Foreign Ministry spokesman as saying.


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