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Iraqi military centers transferred to holy site
Not only are they now basing in Mosques, they are also now shelling their own civilians for propaganda value. Hell of a way to generate propaganda.....

(IRNA) The Iraqi regime has transferred its
military bases and anti-air pads in Mosul to the city's mosques and
holy sites, it was announced here on Wednesday.
Muhammed Haji Mahmoud, Secretary General of the Iraqi Kurdistan
Socialist Party told IRNA correspondent that the decision is aimed at
making the US and British forces attack the Muslim holy sites.
A missile launched by the Iraqi army fell on a village in the
vicinity of Mosul on Tuesday but it did not explode, he added.
The Baghdad regime also attacked two villages near the city of
Arbil on Tuesday inflicting great damage on the defenseless
villagers, Mahmoud further announced.
The Iraqi army artillery also attacked regions in southern Arbil
yesterday, killing or wounding a large number of civilians there, he
Meanwhile, every day dozens of Iraqi militarymen flee the army and
surrender to the forces of the Iraqi Kurdistan Socialist Party,
Mahmoud noted.


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