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Families forced at gunpoint to stay home, ?Human shields? get treatment
Stories of innocent civilians forced to be "human shields" for the Fedayeen Saddam...

(AFP): A young woman shrouded in black cradles the bandaged stump of her right leg and weeps for the 29 relatives - including her husband .who were killed when US forces bombed her village at the height of fighting in southern Iraq.

?We blame Saddam for this,? 25-year-old Metaq Ali said Thursday, tears streaming down her face as she recovered in a tent at a US military field hospital. During the fight, members of Saddam Hussein?s Fedayeen militia, dressed in civilian clothes, were moving in and around homes and firing shots at American forces, she said. When her extended family tried to escape by car, a bomb tore apart their three vehicles.

Fedayeen fighters set up anti-aircraft guns in homes and forced families to remain there at gunpoint, patients said. When the civilians were injured, Saddam?s fighters ran away and left them behind bleeding.

Others told hospital staff they were given guns that no longer worked and forced to advance toward US positions as Fedayeen forces fired shots from behind them. ?That was the most disturbing thing for me in this war,? said Col Harry Warren, an orthopedic surgeon and hospital commander. ?I knew we?d keep receiving more and more civilians - and we did - because they were being placed in these situations.?


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