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Cowardly Homicide bomber attacks americans at checkpoint

Saddam and the fundamentalist have NOTHING in common. Riiiight?

(FOX) Four American soldiers were killed Saturday when a homicide bomber in a taxi detonated explosives outside the Iraqi city of Najaf, a U.S. military officer said.

Capt. Andrew Wallace told Associated Press Television News that a taxi had stopped close to the checkpoint, and as five soldiers approached the car it exploded.
Wallace said the victims were part of the 1st Brigade, 3rd Infantry Divison. The attack occurred at a U.S.-manned checkpoint on Highway 9, north of Najaf.
Both Central Command and the Pentagon have confirmed the bombing, but have yet to release official casualty numbers.
The homicide bombing Saturday was the first against U.S. and British forces since the invasion of Iraq began.


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