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At last, smiles greet U.S. troops as they enter holy city in Iraq
Even more Iraqi's breathing freedom and happy to see thier American liberators

"It was like the liberation of Paris," said Army Lt. Col. Chris Hughes, 42, of Red Oak, Iowa, after returning from a meeting with representatives of the city's leading Islamic cleric. "It was incredible."
The reception here was precisely what U.S. war planners had predicted would happen as coalition forces moved through the country, subduing Iraqi army troops and paramilitary fighters, on the way to Baghdad.
Najaf, which has a population of about 560,000, is the biggest Iraqi city U.S. troops have entered and taken some measure of control. For the world's nearly 120 million Shiite Muslims, Najaf is also the third holiest city, behind Mecca and Medina in Saudi Arabia, and a place that coalition forces approached with care. But the environment turned friendly as the Americans took charge of some neighborhoods.


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