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At last, the American soldiers discover a friendly welcome
Another friendly welcome (Not at last as telegraph would have you think)

(Telegraph) The welcome they had hoped for finally greeted American troops yesterday, as waving Iraqis lined the streets when the advance northwards to Baghdad was resumed.
The scenes, long awaited, did much to lift the spirits of the troops as convoys of tanks wound their way through a town on the west bank of the Euphrates.
"Maybe this is the parade they had promised us," said Sgt Gary Harrison, as he returned a greeting with a wave. "They sure seem happy to see us. Let's hope they aren't the only ones."
As they passed, hundreds, possibly thousands, of people emerged from their houses to signal their welcome.
Whole families stood together outside their homes, the children smiling and their parents urging the Americans forward. Young men stood in clusters, while women dressed in black religious robes put down the clothes they had been washing in the river and waved.
Capt David Waldron, 31, commander of the Black


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