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Ambulance 'used in attack'

Of course Saddam would never align himself with fundamentalist extremists. He is a secular leader and would never declare Jihad. Not.

(The Australian) Three US troops were wounded, one seriously, after Iraqi soldiers used a Red Crescent ambulance to stage an attack in southern Iraq, a US Air Force source has said.

The Iraqi troops opened fire on a group of American soldiers who had approached the ambulance at a town north of Nasiriyah, the source said.
The seriously injured soldier would be evacuated, while two others were undergoing surgery at a captured air base, the source added.
The Red Crescent, the Muslim equivalent of the Red Cross, has been delivering aid to impoverished locals in territory in southern Iraq which has been captured by the US-led coalition.
Coalition commanders have regularly reported coming under attack from Iraqi soldiers who have changed out of uniform into civilian clothing.

Another evil attempt by Saddam to hurt his own people. Ambulances should be able to move freely. But these tactics will make that impossible. Way to kill help the Iraqi people Saddam.


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