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Abu Abbas caught in Iraq
How could this be? Everyone knows there is no connection between Iraq and terror.....

(FOX) Palestinian Liberation Front leader Abu Abbas was captured by American forces on the outskirts of Baghdad and is in U.S. custody, Fox News confirmed Tuesday.
Abbas was taken by American special operations forces during a raid Monday night on the southern outskirts of the capital city, U.S. Central Command said in a statement.
Several of his associates were also detained during raids at several sites around Baghdad, defense officials said. Commandos, tipped off by U.S. intelligence to Abbas' whereabouts, also seized documents -- including Yemeni and Lebanese passports -- and weapons such as rocket-propelled grenades, officials said.
American officials would not say whether Abbas would be held inside Iraq, taken to a third country or detained at a U.S. base. They also would not say whether he would face charges in the United States. Abbas was sentenced in absentia to life in prison in Italy for masterminding the Achille Lauro hijacking.


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